Meet Dr. Clair

Dr. Darren FX Clair

Dr. Clair is a graduate of Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed his postgraduate work at UCLA Hospital.  He is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, and in 2003, he opened Vibrance Medical Group, Inc. in order to follow his passion for helping people to use their body’s own natural curative powers to heal their ailments and stay healthy.  In 2017, Dr. Clair became one of only 300 doctors to have earned the title of Certified Lifestyle Physician with the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Clair was a co-investigator on an FDA-approved investigation of human growth hormone as an anti-aging agent and has published an article on Growth Hormone Replacement in the prestigious Journal of Medicine. He has frequently appeared on TV news segments and The Doctors Show and has published several articles on variety of health related subjects.