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Vibrance Health is an integrative health clinic with tlocations in Westlake Village, California, and Naples, Florida. The clinic is a leader in the field of integrative medicine, with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies available for highly personalized targeted care. 

The team at Vibrance Health takes a patient-focused approach to treating adults at all stages of their life. They listen intently to patients’ concerns and rely on their input more than lab tests when identifying complications. They take a whole-body approach while designing treatment plans to improve all aspects of a patient’s health and not just their symptoms.

Vibrance Health offers innovative noninvasive heart health testing to identify cardiovascular problems long before they present any symptoms. They offer heart rate variability testing, Pulse Wave Velocity testing, and sudomotor function testing to give patients in-depth information about their cardiovascular functioning and strategies to improve their heart health.

Furthermore, the team at Vibrance Health provides a number of holistic health services. They offer personalized, doctor-supervised weight-loss plans, hormone therapy, stem cell therapy, BOTOX® and dermal fillers, and more to help patients feel and look their best regardless of age. They also offer Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™ (CVAC) — a treatment that supplements any level of physical fitness regimen. The treatment uses a pod that patients can sit inside and reap benefits similar to a high-intensity workout via changes in air pressure.

The team at Vibrance Health emphasizes the importance of stress relief and management. Stress can lead to a wide range of whole-body health complications; simple solutions like yoga, meditation, and breathing strategies can help patients combat the negative effects without turning to pharmaceutical solutions.

To discover the best version of yourself with cutting-edge treatments and services, call Vibrance Health, or request an appointment online to start building your wellness plan today.



Dr. Clair developed the “Wheel of Health” to represent many of the various components of optimal health, including: heart health, stress management, hormone balancing, weight loss, sleep, nutrition, vitamin deficiency, detox programs, and rejuvenation therapies.

By considering all of these factors and focusing on each patient’s individual short-term and long-term health goals, Dr. Clair creates a proactive plan to meet those individualized goals.

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In response to inquiries from patients about how they can best boost their immune system, Dr. Clair has designed a two month program called the Vibrance Immune Support Package. He also provides some guidance and tips on how to deal with this new invader.

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    "As someone who has struggled with their weight for many years, I can successfully say I lost more than few sizes from his 6-week SHAPE weight loss program."

    Natalie T.
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    "If you truly want to optimize your health, mentally and physically, and being well is what you actually want, for yourself or a loved one, you will see Dr.Clair."

    Tyler A.
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    "I have been seeing Dr. Clair for about 3 years now and he has made a HUGE difference in my life. I am so glad I found Vibrance, because I finally feel GOOD again."

    Jennifer F.
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