The Vibrance Health Story

Darren FX Clair, MD has been practicing medicine in the Los Angeles area for over 40 years. He has always been passionate about preventative health, originally intending to practice Family Medicine so he could teach his patients how to stay healthy naturally. It was during his residency at UCLA that it became apparent to him that the general population was not yet ready for his message! Disappointed by people’s lack of interest in proactive health in 1982, he changed direction and became an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiology afforded him the opportunity to utilize his love for the science of physiology as the “internist of the OR’’ – shepherding each unique patient through the stresses of surgery.

It was while practicing anesthesiology, that Dr. Clair witnessed the results of a medical system that seems to be failing most people. Very frequently, risky emergency surgeries could have been avoided, if the patient had just taken better care of themselves. Rather than focusing on addressing underlying causes of illness to prevent disease, the current “healthcare” model is based on diagnosing disease and treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals and surgeries, frequently following guidelines dictated by insurance companies and large managed medical corporations.

Dr Clair believes there is a better way. He knows that good health can be achieved naturally and that the human body has the power to heal itself. He refers to Nature’s Health Insurance Plan which consists of good nutrition, regular exercise, restorative sleep, healthy hormone levels, stress management techniques, and strong social ties. He opened Vibrance Health in 2003 to guide his patients back to regaining their good health.

Vibrance Health has been at the forefront

of the paradigm shift away from simply treating illness

toward promoting optimal health.

Our goal at Vibrance Health is to help you feel your very best at every age.

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