The Healing Power of Stem Cell Therapy

Reports show that over one million people have experienced benefits of stem cell therapy worldwide. This number seems to be growing each year as we learn more on the advantages of using our own stem cells to help us restore vital functioning.

This means people with many different ailments can experience a reversal of negative symptoms. For some, this can mean living a longer life than expected, as well as a life with better quality.

California’s Stem Cell Agency report stem cells are powerful tools to help fight diseases. Researchers are working diligently to discover all the benefits of stem cell treatments. While they continue their research, there are already many therapies being used to help people fight and even reverse diseases.

There are many diseases being studying and treated today in which providing stem cell therapy has shown great benefit, with the Federal Drug Administration approving numerous clinical trials and studies. Because of these advancements, doctors can treat diseased cells with new, replacement cells, helping the body regenerate and repair itself.


Your body has hundreds of cells. Everyone has brain cells, blood cells, skin cells and bone cells. In addition, all your organs are comprised of cells. Stem cells, specifically, can replicate and form into many other different types of cells.

There are four classes of stem cells: totipotent, multipotent, pluripotent, and unipotent.

These powerful cells can divide and become more specialized cells, depending on the part of the body that needs repaired.

A perfect example of a stem cell is the fertilized egg or zygote. This cell forms when the sperm and ovum connect. That cell divides and becomes an embryo. Those cells divide again and again and again until eventually a human is created.

By studying stem cells, researchers can learn how those cells develop into diseases and therefore, find ways to reverse or prevent those diseases.

There are basically two types of stem cells important to treating diseases, embryonic and adult tissues. Using your own stem cells, therapies can be implemented to help you reverse disease and even regenerate healthy cells.


Stem cell therapy is sometimes called regenerative therapy. It is a type of transplant procedure that uses stem cells to help restore tissues that may be damaged.

Stem cell therapies are safe and non-invasive. While some compare them to organ transplants, the risks are far less. Bone marrow transplants may be one of the most widely known procedures today. But there are numerous other ailments and diseases that stem cell therapy can help.


Autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, crohn’s, arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis have been treated successfully with stem cell therapy. Cardiovascular diseases are also able to be treated by replacing stem cells.

Parkinson’s and other neural degenerative diseases place stem cell therapy at the top of treatment plans. This can also include neural degenerative injuries like that from stroke or spinal cord injury.

Celebrities such as Suzanne Summers have brought great attention to the benefits of stem cell therapy.It has helped Summers beat breast cancer. In recent reports, she claims stem cell therapy has even helped her regrow some of her natural breast.

Other patients with cancers ranging from the brain to skin to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma have been treated with stem cell therapy.

Other diseases treated using stem cells include ocular problems, anemias and blood conditions, metabolic disorders, liver and bladder diseases, even wounds and injuries. This means people suffering from problems such as sickle cell anemia, osteoporosis, cirrhosis, and surface wounds can experience regeneration.

Stem cell therapy is truly changing the way our body heals.


The process of stem cell therapy begins with your doctor harvesting cells from your own body. Many times, cells can be harvested from areas such as the lower abdomen, through fat cells, to get an ample supply.

Other supply areas can include bone marrow and peripheral veins where plasma is made by the blood. Once harvested, stem cells are then separated from other cells. If fat cells are harvested, the stem cells need to be pulled apart from the fat cells to be effective.

The stem cells are then activated using laser equipment. Once activated, cells are injected or returned into the areas of your body that need repair.

Doctors may use x-rays or ultrasound equipment to help guide them during the injection. Within just a few hours, stem cell therapy is complete.

You can expect to feel very little pain and most people can return to work that same day or the next.

Stem cell therapy is not a one-time procedure. You will begin to see improvements after a couple of weeks. As time goes on, the benefits become more noticeable.


Just like finding the right specialists for other injuries or diseases, you should search for a stem cell therapy physician who specializes in this area of treatment.

There are specific characteristics a quality provider will possess. They will be highly trained in stem cell therapy. They will have years of experience in this field, either in research or practice or both. In addition, they will be board certified.

The doctor you choose should be able to provide you with references of many patients with whom they have treated successfully. You want proof of their work.

Your provider should be using the most modern, up-to-date equipment and procedures available. Furthermore, your doctor should only be injecting cells they harvested from you in the same day. Their care should not end when the procedure ends.

Your doctor should provide follow-up instructions that will continue the regenerative process. Physical activity, foods you eat, and other lifestyle factors can help or hinder your progress. Providing exact instructions should be a priority of your specialist. And it is your job to follow them.

Together, you can experience the power of stem cell therapy, giving you the life you deserve.

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