7 Best Foods For A Summer Detox Diet

It’s summer. It’s hot. There are days where you may feel drained by the heat. You feel tired after work, thirsty because you are dehydrated, and your skin is just not looking as healthy as it should. You may even be feeling depressed because you lack energy.

This lack of energy leads to eating foods that are unhealthy that can cause weight gain. And there is nothing worse than a summer cold. All of these are signs that you could use a detox.

Yes, your body has its own way of detoxing the bad stuff from your body. It does so through urine, sweat, and processing through your liver. But with the numerous toxins we encounter every day, from pollution to processed foods, our organs are overworked. It becomes hard for your organs to function properly because they are overwhelmed.

summer detox diet is the perfect way to help your vital organs eliminate toxins in your body. Plus, it offers many benefits.


According nutritionists, RIGHT NOW is the time for a summer detox diet. It’s a way to start over and implement new, healthy habits, ones that can lead to a lifetime of better health. You can expect to see improved weight management, better digestion, more energy and the ability to better fight off illnesses.

Some report their hair becomes healthier and shinier, skin becomes clearer and their complexion is enhanced, decreasing the signs of aging. A detox can provide balance to your hormones and regulate blood sugar levels. Furthermore, there are mental health benefits of a summer detox diet, including better concentration and focus, improved mood and decreased anxiety.


Now that you have heard the benefits of a summer detox diet, you are likely ready to get started. You may be fearing that like other detox diets, you will be starving yourself or just drinking liquids for a few days. The good news is that you will not be doing either of these.

What you will do, however, is give your body the right foods during the detox period. The right foods give your body nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and help in healing. Below are 11 of the best foods you can eat while on a summer detox diet. They are readily available during the summer. Buy from an organic farm or local source for the freshest variety.


Not only does it taste delicious, it contains agents like citrulline that can help get rid of toxins. Watermelon is low in calories which can mean it will help with losing weight. It can also provide water to your system and help in rehydration. Watermelon helps in reducing inflammation in your body and is a good source for potassium, glutathione and dietary fiber.


Occasionally, your body may become too acidic. Lemons can help balance out the acid and make it more alkaline. Lemons cleanse the kidneys and stimulate the liver, helping it process toxins out of the body. No one likes to slice open a lemon and eat it, even though you can do that. It may taste too sour for some. If this is the case, squeezing the lemon juice into a water filled cup is a great way to ingest it, and meet your water goals for the day.


Celery is an admired food for dieters. It contains virtually no calories. It is mostly water, making it good for rehydration. It is also great for digestion since it helps the digestive system work properly. Celery contains antioxidants, vitamin C, and folate. If you have a juicer, blend celery and water to create a celery juice. This is a trend that is growing in popularity.


The next time you fill up you glass with water, drop a few slices of cucumber in for a more refreshing drink. Cucumbers are exceptional for detoxes due to their ability to assist the urinary and digestive systems. It has even been called “detox water” by many. Cucumbers deliver antioxidants, lowers blood pressure, improves bone health, and makes your skin look healthier.


Berries are little bites of deliciousness. They are also packed with beneficial vitamins. Raspberries, blueberries, elderberries, mulberries and any other berry available to you during the summer is great for a diet detox. They are low in calories and low in carbohydrates. They are a low glycemic food. Unlike some other fruits, they do not spike blood sugar levels. You can eat berries raw or blend them in a juicer with ice and make a homemade fruit smoothie or slushie.


If it’s fiber you are looking for, avocados are the right choice. And fiber is a great asset to a summer detox diet. It cleanses the colon of toxins. Just a few of the vitamins in an avocado include magnesium, potassium, iron, riboflavin, and folic acid. It also contains all the vitamin Bs, C, E, and K. It can even help strengthen your eyes. It is the super food needed for every detox diet.


Kale supplements any diet, especially for detoxing. It’s a great source of fiber and aids in elimination. It helps neutralize and reduce inflammation. And it has 200 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C. Having so much vitamin C means it can help boost the immune system to better help you fight off illnesses.

Kale also provides a large dose of omega-3s which can lower cholesterol. It can even reduce anxiety. If kale is not something you like to eat alone, you can always mix it with berries and ice in a blender for a great tasting juice.


In conclusion, these are just seven of the many foods you can eat while on a summer detox diet. Working with a Certified Lifestyle Physician can help you create the perfect food list based on your goals for good health. He or she will know how to get you on the right path toward the healthy life you deserve.

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