10 Practices for Mind-body Rejuvenation This Spring

Spring is arriving! This is the time when the natural environment comes alive again after a long winter season. Grass begins to grow, plants and flowers start to bloom, and the trees become green again.

With nature showing so many signs of rejuvenation, this is a good time for you to find ways to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Focus on your well-being this season by taking some active steps to refresh your mind and body. Below are 10 ways to help you feel new again.



After being stuck inside during the winter months, getting outside again is one of the best ways to feel refreshed. Using your senses to enjoy the outdoor environment can revitalize you and give you renewed energy.

Work in the garden, sit on the porch basking in the sunshine, or take a walk and “smell the roses.” Carving out at least ten minutes of your day (more if you can) to breathe in some clean, fresh air is enough time to give you a boost mentally and physically.



Taking the time to listen quietly to the needs of your mind, body and soul will help you become rejuvenated in all three. If you can meditate in the outdoors, you may experience a new level of inspiration.



During the winter months, your skin can become dry and dehydrated, causing rashes, itchiness and other ailments. Over time, your stem cells decline and the effects of aging set in.

This spring, make an appointment with a stem cell therapist, who can use your own body and cells to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin back to a glowing, younger-looking state.



The cars we drive, the pollution in the air, and even some of the technology we use can create toxins that enter our bodies. Some of the foods we eat can contain harmful ingredients as well. Our bodies can get filled with toxins and heavy metals.

Spring is the perfect time to eliminate negative chemicals from your body. Over-the-counter cleanses and detox diets may be a good generic choice. For the best chance at individualized success, meet with a certified naturopathic doctor who can supply you with the essential tools, therapeutic treatments and supplements for the best elimination program.



Proper sleep can help prevent major illnesses down the road. It is also essential to fight negative signs of aging.

Poor sleep symptoms include weight gain, snoring, and waking up tired even though you slept for a long time. You may be experiencing these symptoms if your sleep environment is not properly set up for successful rest.

Keep your bedroom environment quiet, dark and at a comfortable temperature. Having a regular bedtime and wake-up time is another good sleep habit, but sometimes that isn’t possible. With daylight savings time, for example, our sleep patterns become altered and need to be relearned.

While we may always have sleep interruptions, there are many things you can do to improve the way you sleep, no matter where you are and what season it is.



Stress is one of the most dangerous things that can damage your body. Yoga has been found to reduce stress within minutes. It has been used for thousands of years because of its many benefits to the body and the mind.

Practicing yoga before going to bed may be one way to help you fully relax and get the restorative sleep your body and mind desire.



As the weather begins to improve, more people will be out and about, engaging in outdoor activities. Join your friends in their mini-adventures. Being around other people can make you feel more valued and remind you that you belong, that you are part of a group.

Make sure the people you hang around are friendly and positive in the way they think, feel and behave. Being around negative people will bring your mood down. Choose to spend your time with the people who make you laugh and whose company you enjoy.



Laughter is a great stress reducer. The winter months can sometimes make us feel gloomy – cloudy and overcast, like the weather. Finding ways to laugh can bring you out of this gloomy state of mind, perfectly timed with the arrival of sunnier days.

Go see a comedy show with a friend, watch funny movies and television shows, or listen to an amusing podcast. Hang out with friends who have great sense of humor, and go on fun outings together.



Endorphins are chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. They are used by your body to suppress pain, and they give you a euphoric feeling that you can push through anything.

A great way to increase your levels of endorphins is to exercise. If you are a beginner, start with a ten minute walk – your body will start to produce a boost of endorphins. You can work your way up to more time exercising (and more endorphins!). If you work out on a regular basis, you know the feeling those increased endorphins give you – keep it up!



There are many things you can do to feel good this spring. Giving back, volunteering and showing appreciation to others can improve your mental, physical and spiritual outlook.

Keep a journal each day and write all the things that made you happy. Record the things you are grateful for at the end of each day.

Try to compliment at least one person each day. Show appreciation to a cashier, a stranger on the street, or the postal carrier. Making their day with a compliment will make you feel great too.

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