Stem Cell Therapy

Remarkably, the ultimate key to your health and wellness may already exist inside your own body. At Vibrance Health in Westlake Village, California, Darren Clair, MD, and his team can harvest stem cells from your own body to help heal tissue damage and relieve discomfort. To find out more about available stem cell treatments, call Vibrance Health, or request an appointment online today.

      Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

      What is stem cell therapy?

      Stem cell therapy, also called regenerative medicine, is a natural treatment solution for numerous conditions and symptoms. Stem cells come from your own body and are not yet specialized to perform specific tasks. When harnessed and injected back into your body, stem cells are encouraged to differentiate and specialize to become the cell types that you need.

      To harness your stem cells, Dr. Clair takes a sample of your blood and puts it into a centrifuge where it spins and separates. He removes the plasma, or liquid part, and the layer containing blood platelets. Blood platelets are rich with growth factors and proteins ready to rebuild in areas of tissue damage.

      Stem cell therapy with particle-enriched plasma (PEP) is more effective than stem cell therapy using fat stem cells or synthetic stem cells. The cells come from your own body and are easy to obtain.

        What can I use stem cell therapy for?

        Stem cell therapy is available for many different conditions and symptoms. Stem cells help rebuild damaged tissues and can revitalize your body. Dr. Clair often recommends stem cell therapy for general healing and pain relief and to supplement the treatment of these conditions:

        • Heart disease
        • Cancer
        • Liver disorders
        • Alzheimer’s disease
        • Parkinson’s disease
        • Diabetes

        If you’re unhappy with the effects of aging on your appearance, you can also get stem cell therapy for facial rejuvenation with JuventaLift™. JuventaLift is a nonsurgical procedure involving micro-needling of stem cells into your face to promote collagen rebuilding and skin improvement. The procedure can fight wrinkles, fine lines, and scarring while improving your skin’s texture and tone.

        What are the benefits of using stem cell therapy?

        Using stem cell therapy for your treatment has several benefits. Stem cell therapy is:

        • Painless
        • Nonsurgical
        • Easy and performed in the office
        • Low risk

        ​​​​​​​Additionally, stem cell therapy involves little or no recovery time. You can go back to work or other routine daily activities soon after your appointment without fear of a negative reaction. The stem cells come from your own body, so your body won’t reject them when Dr. Clair injects them for healing.

        To learn more about stem cells and find out if stem cell therapy is right for you, call Vibrance Health or request an appointment online today.