Stress Management

Feeling a bit stressed here, and there is a healthy part of life. In fact, stress can help keep you motivated to solve problems. At Vibrance Health, which has locations in Westlake Village, California, and Naples, Florida, Darren Clair, MD, and his team can help you cope with long-term stress and avoid stress-associated health problems with yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. The practice offers small classes so you can get the attention and care that you need. To book a consultation for stress management, call Vibrance Health, or request your appointment online today.

      Stress Management Q & A

      What is stress?

      Stress is a reaction that happens in your body and mind in response to the hectic happenings of life. You might feel stressed because of your thoughts, work, events, or bodily changes. In many cases, the stress you feel is a good thing because it keeps you alert and motivated. If you can’t find relief from your stress, it can quickly become negative.

      When you feel stressed, it’s because your body’s autonomic nervous system is coming into play. This system is equipped to deal with stress with a response called “fight or flight.” This is intended to be a short-term response, but it can remain activated during long stressful periods of your life. Since the system isn’t designed to be in action for long periods of time, it can cause serious wear and tear on your body in such cases.

        What is stress management?

        Stress management is the practice of finding a way to cope with long-term stress. At Vibrance Health, Dr. Clair and his team provide several modes of stress management to help you navigate the ups and downs in life, no matter how big or small they seem.

        Experienced yoga instructor, Birgitta Nielsen, teaches small, semi-private yoga classes at Vibrance Health, offering a high level of attention to each and every client. She also teaches private classes for clients who would rather have solitude as they relieve their stress.

        Birgitta’s yoga classes focus heavily on mindfulness and meditation. These principles are designed to keep your mind from wandering away from the moment. Yoga and meditation are sustainable, holistic solutions for stress reduction, as well as improvements in your flexibility, mental health, stamina, and quality of life.

        Why is stress management important?

        It’s essential to find a sustainable method of stress relief because of the detrimental effects that long-term stress can have on your body. Unmanaged chronic stress can cause these health complications:

        • Heart disease
        • High blood pressure
        • Fatigue
        • Depression
        • Anxiety
        • Sleep loss
        • Premature aging
        • Weight fluctuations
        • Headaches
        • Hair loss

        ​​​​​​​Attending yoga, mindfulness, and breathing classes at Vibrance Health can help you reduce the level of stress hormones in your body that cause these and other problems.

        If you’d like to learn more about stress, how it affects your body, and how you can relieve it with yoga and meditation, call Vibrance Health or request your appointment online today.