Vibrance Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is an ancient Eastern practice that can do incredible wonders for your health. It’s a form of therapy known to promote relaxation and reduce stress, which makes it an ideal choice for the busy, work-consumed individual. Designed to promote physical and mental wellness, practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation incorporates breathing-based exercises and poses. The word itself derives from the Sanskrit word “yuji,” meaning yoke and union, which reveals its bigger purpose to bring together both mind and body. If you’re on the journey to achieve optimal health, learn about how mindfulness, yoga and meditation can help you along the path to becoming your very best self.


f you’re experiencing some stiffness in your muscles, then you might like to try welcoming yoga into your life. With this activity, you can have the freedom to move around your muscles a bit more, without having to take on a high-intensity work-out. Don’t worry though if you’re not a gymnast, as yoga can help you to improve your flexibility, along with your muscle tone and strength. Once this happens, you will find that your posture will also greatly improve.


More and more research is showing the stress-relieving qualities that yoga can offer. This is due to the fact that the very practice of it can decrease the secretion of cortisol, which is the primary stress hormone in your body. Through the use of meditation techniques, you will be able to focus the mind on your breathing which will help you to drift to a quiet place, free from tension. Just think, less stress equals a more refreshed, vibrant you.


With even just fifteen minutes of yoga a day, you can expect to see a difference enough to jump-start your day. Through a combination of poses designed to stretch out and strengthen your muscles, toxins are released from the body. When the wastes have been filtered out of your system, it makes room for your body to take in the good. The art of breathing deeply supports your body on this point, by allowing your blood to receive fresh waves of oxygen which will rejuvenate your system. So, starting your mornings with a quick yoga session may serve you well as a natural alternative to that caffeine-fix.


Due to their combined calming efforts, yoga and meditation have the capability of having a profound effect on the mind. Studies have shown that practcing both have antidepressant reults, which has led to the reduction of depression and anxiety among those who practice regularly as a holistic alternative and approach to therapy and healing. Aside from just the physical benefits, the daily practice of yoga and meditation can also help you cultivate mindfulness as well as a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence.


Inflammation in itself is nothing to be feared as it is a normal immune response. However, chronic inflammation can contribute to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. While there needs to be more further research to confirm this, there is some indication that those who practice yoga and meditation can protect themselves against certain diseases caused by chronic inflammation. Numerous studies have revealed it to be a good source of help, in easing the symptoms of asthma and back pain as well.


While yoga may not be for everyone, those who do choose to involve it as part of their lifestyle may see an improvement in their mood and emotions. Some research has shown that those who practice yoga and meditation on daily basis can result in higher serotonin levels. As with most exercises, yoga and meditation has also been linked to a longer lifespan, as it reduces the pace of breathing. To help our patients achieve optimal health and be their best self, we create personalized yoga regimes specific to meet their unique health needs and lifestyle.




Birgitta Nielsen was born and raised in the countryside in Sweden. She loves the being active, hiking, exploring, and has traveled extensively throughout the world. She began her career as a hair stylist at the young age of 14, and upon emigrating to the U.S. in 1982, she developed a clientele in Malibu, CA and opened a salon. But even with this professional success, something else was calling her – something on a deep, spiritual level.

Birgitta had been doing yoga and pilates for years (mostly for exercise) when she was inspired to attend a yoga retreat in Ojai, California. At the retreat, she received a reading of her astrological chart and a Tarot reading. Both readings said the same thing: that in Birgitta’s future, she was going to be a yoga teacher! Although she hadn’t contemplated this before, she decided to take a leap of faith and “go for it!”

She traveled to the yoga mecca, Rishikesh in India, where she completed her initial 200-hour yoga training with her mentor and teacher, Sequoia Henning of Feeling Soul Good at The Alchemy of Yoga and Sound, and the following year completed her 300-hour training in Goa, India. It was an amazing journey; she fell in LOVE with India and the experience, which ignited her passion for meditation: mindfulness, pranayama (breathing), and relaxation. Birgitta’s yoga classes will focus on Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Hatha Yoga.

The vision for the Vibrace Yoga Studio was born of the idea to offer Vibrance’s patients the benefits of yoga and meditation, as part of a whole person approach to health. Together, Vibrance Medical Group and Vibrance Yoga Studio create something very unique for your mind, body, and soul.

Yoga is a tool for transformation, if you commit. Yoga is not about fancy postures.
It’s about sharpening our senses, clearing our mind, and looking to see areas you can refine in your life. Being still in meditation can get you there:
Going deeper, being present, paying attention, listening, practicing mindfulness, forgiveness, gratitude, and letting go of stuck emotions and the toxic people in your life.
Yoga is the art of fostering true self-love. Namaste!
– Birgitta Nielsen​​​​​​​