Health & Wellness Coaching


Health & Wellness Coaching

“As a health and wellness coach, my goal is to work with you, one-on-one, to improve your overall health and well-being. During your in-depth consultations with Dr. Clair, you will define your health and lifestyle goals by examining the following areas: nutrition, sleep, anxiety, stress, and exercise. As your health and wellness coach, we will work together to overcome obstacles and implement these lifestyle changes to maintain healthy habits and ensure these habits continue for life. It’s my intent to become your partner in reaching your goals.”

Stephanie Navarro
Vibrance Health
Health & Wellness Coach




Many people seek financial advisors to help them increase their wealth.  These people intuitively understand that hiring a professional to proactively guide them to stay ahead of the ups-and-downs of the financial markets is the smart way to go. 

It has always fascinated me that in terms of their health, people often wait until their health is failing to go see their doctor. Isn’t that like waiting to seek financial advice until after the company you invested in has gone bankrupt (and their stock is now worthless?)

I would assert that your health is more important than your wealth, especially because without your health, what good is your wealth? 

Here at Vibrance Health, we offer a proactive approach to health.  We believe in setting realistic health goals for our members and in providing them with the tools they need to reach those goals.  With this in mind, in 2021 we added Health and Wellness Coaching to the services offered here at Vibrance.  Our Health and Wellness Coach can assist you to implement the health and lifestyle goals we have set together and to keep you on track to reach them.


We truly want you to BE Vibrance!

Dr. Darren FX Clair




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