The Vibrance Immune Support Package Our vision here at Vibrance Health has always been to “joyfully and successfully help people attain and maintain optimal health (at any age) by maximizing the rejuvenation potential that nature provides.” We have always been passionate about proactive health - including maintaining a strong immune system!

In response to our patients’ inquiries regarding what they can do to boost their immune system in light of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Clair has designed a 2 month program called the Vibrance Immune Support Package in order to help your body maximize it’s defenses and minimize your chances of a severe infection.

Although there cannot be any guarantee that you will not develop symptoms from being infected with the coronavirus, we do believe these measures will be of great help.

This is what the package entails:

• Monthly Consults with Dr. Clair (2) - can be conducted via Telemedicine.
• Monthly Supply of PurePack Vitamins (2) - specifically formulated for Men or Woman
• Monthly "ImmunoBoost" IV Vitamin Infusion (2)
• Bi-Weekly Vitamin D Shots (4)
• Boku Immune Tonic (2)

SPECIAL PRICE @ $975 (Cost if priced separately would be $1420)


A Note from Dr. Clair

At the moment, there is no vaccine or proven medical solution for COVID19. Currently, the best way to minimize your chances of having a severe case of COVID19 illness is through minimizing exposure and maximizing your own immune system’s ability to successfully deal with this new invader.

First let me say that as scary as this pandemic is, I do think it is important to keep things in perspective. In terms of deaths, although even one unnecessary or unexpected death is a tragedy, this is not yet close to the statistics of other causes of death in this country. Heart disease, for instance, is the cause of over 1,700 deaths every day in the United States. So, I say, be smart, but don’t panic! Reduce your risk as much as possible, but remain calm.

Our best option is to be sensible, minimize exposure, and keep our own built-in natural defenses as strong as possible. The vast majority of people are surviving. Although some apparently healthy people have succumbed, those at greatest risk are those who are elderly, or people who already have a compromised immune system. Keeping our immune system strong is key!

What does “being sensible” mean?

- Social distancing – 6 feet is far enough away from others that their potential virus-containing cough or sputum droplets will fall to the ground and not reach you. -

- Washing hands with warm, soapy water frequently – COVID19 is heat sensitive, so washing your hands in warm-to-hot water for at least 20 seconds helps to wash the virus off your skin. The reason to wash your hands often is because people unconsciously touch their faces multiple times per hour, and in doing so, risk transferring the virus from their hands to the mucous membranes of their mouth, nose or eyes. I recommend washing your hands every hour if possible, before and after using the bathroom, and before and after being at places where others with the illness may have recently touched door handles or other surfaces.

- Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated supports your immune system in general, and there is some suggestion that by drinking frequently we may increase the chances of washing the viruses from your mouth and nasopharynx into the stomach, where your strong stomach acid will destroy it. Although this is theoretical at this time, we do know that staying hydrated allows the lymphatic system to function optimally in its role of removing toxins and wastes from the body, and helping to transport white blood cells (which are the infection fighting cells) throughout the body.

- Get enough rest. We are all stressed-now more than ever! - and when we are stressed, our immune system is weakened. A weakened immune system increases the likelihood that you will come down with the Coronavirus and experience a more severe case. To ensure a strong immune system and strong immune response to a virus, aim at getting least 8 hours of quality sleep each night. This will give your body a chance to recover from the damage stress causes your body.

- Eat a wide variety of healthy foods including mostly (if not totally) citrus fruits, fish, onions, ginger, garlic, green vegetables, nuts, and mushrooms. These foods have a variety of vitamins and minerals and other micronutrients that support your health, including many that stimulate the immune system. Mushrooms, for example, increase the body’s production of Natural Killer Cells, which are a part of the immune system that seeks out and destroys viruses.

- Exercise, but lightly. Exercise has been shown to improve overall health through multiple channels including increased lymphatic drainage, decreasing inflammation and improving mood. Vigorous exercise, however, is additional stress and can weaken your immune system so I recommend keeping it light during this type of outbreak.

- Maintain social distancing physically but not emotionally -“reach out and touch somebody!” is very important for our emotional as well as physical health. Studies show when people are isolated from friends and family they are more prone to get sick. Just because you cannot physically hug someone you can still talk, phone, and FaceTime.

These are some of the things we all should be doing routinely, but what else can we do? How can we maximize our immune system’s ability to disarm this particular virus?

There is no vaccine currently available, so we need to rely on Mother Nature. Fortunately, Mother Nature is the best doctor ever. High Quality Food (as previously mentioned) is a powerful tool. In addition, there are a variety of herbs that have been used for years to help us return to good health through strengthening the immune system: Astralagus has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Similarly, Angelica Root has been shown to modulate the immune system and treat respiratory infections and cold symptoms. Elderberry is both antioxidant and also supports the immune system. Oregano and Olive Leaf also support the immune system as do CBDs.  

In addition to herbs, I would suggest the continued use of a high-quality colloidal sliver. Although colloidal silver has not been tested on COVID19, it has been shown to destroy a variety of viruses including: HIV, hepatitis, the flu, the common cold (another coronavirus) and others. In light of its safety profile I recommend it to be taken orally 3-4 times per day as a preventive measure.

Our vison here at Vibrance Health has always been to “joyfully and successfully help people attain and maintain optimal health (at any age) by maximizing the rejuvenation potential that nature provides.” We are passionate about proactive health!  Although there cannot be any guarantee that you will not develop symptoms from being infected with the Coronavirus, we do believe these measures will be of great help.

Dr. Darren F.X. Clair For over thirty years, Darren FX Clair, MD has helped thousands of people improve and maintain their overall health and vitality. Dr. Clair's primary focus is proactive health through Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Clair looks for ways to work with the body's natural ability to develop and maintain ultimate good health. His individualized approach is tailored specifically for each patients' specific health goals. Dr. Clair is a graduate of Columbia University's College of Physicians & Surgeons. In 2017, Dr. Clair became one of only 300 doctors to have earned the title of Certified Lifestyle Physician with the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

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