Is Iv Vitamin Therapy The New Fountain Of Youth?

For centuries, people have been seeking magical solutions to battle the signs of aging. They seek waters that can prolong life. They seek spells, hypnosis, surgeries and medicines that make them appear and feel younger than their natural age.

What they may not realize is we have been given natural elements that contain healing and anti-aging properties. We have been given vitamins and minerals that can exceed any magical solutions.


Vitamins have been aiding in good health since the beginning of time. Vitamins are organic substances made by plants and animals.

Minerals are inorganic substances that work closely with vitamins to heal and restore. Minerals come from soil and water that are absorbed by plants and animals.

Vitamins and minerals fall into categories, depending on their source of origin. Fat-soluble vitamins are found in animal fats, vegetable oils, dairy and oily fish. Water-soluble vitamins are found in fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Finally, minerals are found in meat, fish, dairy, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Each vitamin and mineral provide a different health benefit.


The long time saying of “you are what you absorb” is true. The goal should be to absorb as many vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep you healthy for many years.

Unfortunately, your body does not automatically make and store vitamins and minerals. That means to give our bodies the nutrients it needs, we must consume them daily, so they can provide us with many benefits.

Vitamins and mineralsboost your immune system and help your body grow and develop as it should. Vitamins and minerals also support the rest of your body’s parts do their jobs. They help your heart beat, your digestive system flow and even help your eyes see.

Every organ in the body can be influenced positively or negatively by the number of vitamins and minerals, or lack of, in your system.

Getting the recommended daily doses of vitamins into your system is not quite as easy as it sounds. You may think taking a multi-vitamin orally is all you need to do. However, depending on a few factors, your vitamins and minerals may be prevented from absorption.


It would be wonderful if we could simply swallow a supplement and be assured our bodies are absorbing all that was inside the supplement. This does not happen, however. The body can only absorb so many vitamins and nutrients at one time.

The body can only absorb about fifty percent of vitamins that are taken orally. And if you try and take a double or triple dose of a vitamin at the same time, the body will not except the bigger dose. It will excrete what it can’t absorb.

Depending on the coating on the vitamins, the time of day we consume them, whether we have eaten before or after, and even if we have taken them with other medicines, all make a difference in how well they are absorbed.

It is also important to pair vitamins and minerals that compliment one another. For example, calcium is absorbed better when paired with Vitamin D.

Digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, and even food combinations can make a difference when it comes to absorption of nutrients.

There really is a science to being healthy. The good news, others have simplified the process for you and researches are finding the newest and best ways to make sure you get the daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals.

They are also finding the downfalls to the supplements that are cluttering the shelves of big box stores everywhere.


It seems today vitamins and nutrients are offered for sale in every form: tablets, capsules and even liquid. This doesn’t mean these are the best form to take. It can become confusing when trying to choose the best.

Tablets can be hard to swallow, and you must take the outer coating into consideration when thinking of absorption.

Capsules are two pieces of gelatin holding a powder mixture inside. There is not much more of a nutritional advantage to taking capsules. And they cost a little more.

Powders are the least convenient ways to absorb vitamins and minerals. You must mix the powder with a liquid to consume it. Depending on the liquid chosen, it could completely wipe out any nutritional value.

Liquid supplements make it easy to think absorption will be better just because it is easier to consume. This is likely true. However, there are still drawbacks to using liquids. Like the fact that ingredients in a liquid usually settle at the bottom of the bottle. And even if you shake well before use, the amount dispersed is uneven.

So, what is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals you need to stay young and healthy?


Science has stepped up to the plate and found a way to bypass the digestive system, delivering essential nutrients to your cells much faster than any pill, powder or liquid type of supplement.

IV infusions give you close to 100 percent absorption rate straight into your bloodstream. This means your body is getting all the nutrients being provided, at the right time, in the right dose and individualized for your body’s needs.

When administered by a licensed medical doctor, IV infusions are safe and can correct any micronutrient deficiencies you may have.

In addition, with an infusion, your doctor can determine how quickly your body absorbs the nutrients. They can also use your symptoms as a guide to develop the right IV drip for you. You are not getting a one size fits all treatment.

Finding the right doctor is key. They will not only be licensed but will take as much time as needed to improve your health. The best doctors avoid prescribing synthetic medications right away. Instead, they work with your body to find natural ways of healing.

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