Weight Loss

Your struggle with losing weight and keeping it off is often a result of an unrealistic diet, no support and most importantly, a lack of analysis of your whole body.

We have the ONLY “Good Health Doctor Certified” weight loss program guaranteed to work.

Darren Clair, M.D., will:

  1. Unlock your genetic code to burn calories like a thin person
  2. Address your relationship with food and help you develop one that serves you, instead of controlling you.
  3. Re-set your metabolism so you can keep the weight off for life

You don’t need a discount, you need results.

Our results are guaranteed, if you’re really ready to lose weight and keep it off.*

Latest studies confirm Dr. Darren Clair’s theory that genetic pathways and metabolism must be medically re-set to achieve permanent and successful weight loss.

*If our SHAPE Program is followed exactly, you will be successful in not only losing the weight but also keeping the weight off.



We can only treat 25 patients at a time with this revolutionary program.

Feel your best at every age.
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