Saundra Hernandez, LCE

Sandra Hernandez a licensed Aesthetician who was hand-picked by Dr. Clair to join the Vibrance Health Team. 

With over 30-years of experience in working with the latest facial treatments, anti-aging technologies and product innovations, she now administers JuventaLift.

The newest scientific development in anti-aging.

See results begin in about 72-hours!

  •  Nontoxic
  • 1,000 times better than Botox™
  • 10,000 times safer than Botox™


Proprietary treatment combining:

  • Painless micro-needling
  • Your own stem cells applied as a cream
  • Traces of scalar gold (an ancient anti-inflammatory).


…AND, best of all, it’s only required yearly to maintain skin that is:

  •  wrinkle-free
  • youthful looking
  • clear in complexion
  • healthier.


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