Our Mission

Achieve maximum vitality, and longevity. We deliver Patient-Focused Medicine, through Functional Testing and most importantly, listening to YOU.

At Vibrance Health the Best approach to medicine is to prescribe NO medicine at all. Although we recognize that there are instances where prescription medication is necessary, our primary objective is to look at ways to work WITH your body, rather than ON or AGAINST your body.


We subscribe to:

  1. The application of scientifically proven natural programs including:
    1. vitamin supplementation,
    2. intravenous vitamin therapy,
    3. bio-identical hormone supplementation,
    4. stem cell therapy,
    5. diet,
    6. improving sleep quality and
    7. stress management.
  2. Exercise and neurological disciplines such as meditation are vital adjuncts to an otherwise healthy body and in these areas, Vibrance Health partners with top tier providers to assist in the process and the consequent relief of stress.

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